Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ALN Thursdays at 4 pm Eastern

The Asset Leadership Network has weekly events over a webconference which are posted the following Monday.

ALN Th@4 Ep. 02/25/21

This week's episode of the Asset Leadership Network's Th@4 features Jennifer Tursi, Manager, Technical Committee Operations at ASTM International.

ALN Th@4 Ep. 2/18/21

Asset Leadership Network Th@4 Ep. 2/18/21 from GIULANI DIGITAL on Vimeo. Amber Propert, Property Accountability Specialist, U.S. Department of Defense has...

ALN Th@4 Ep. 02/11/21

For this ALN Th@4 on February 11, Moshe Nelson, Principal, Grant Thornton and ALN Senior Fellow will be speaking...

Asset Leadership Network’s ALN Th@4 Ep. 02/04/21

Guest, Spence Boyer, Public Sector Advisory Associate at Grant Thornton LLC, will interview ALN CEO Jim Dieter

• The ALN promotes the concepts of Asset Management as described in ISO 55000 and promotes certification to this standard where appropriate.

• The ALN promotes recognition that effective Asset Management serves organizational strategy and requires a comprehensive view of the organization and its assets.

• The ALN develops and shares information which enhances the practice of Asset Management and the knowledge and skills of individual Asset Managers.

• The ALN promotes a management systems approach to asset management and the linkages between Asset Management and the whole organization

2020 Asset Leadership Forum - reStructuring America

This year the ALN hosted its annual conference over a video conference.  The events have been posted below.

reStructuring America Panel Discussion – Demystifying Standards and Certifications

This event took place October 8th, 2020 as part of the Asset Leadership Network's reStructuring America event. Organizational and professional certifications are critical...

reStructuring America – Government Assets reConsidered

This stream is from a video conference that took place on 8 October 2020 during the Asset Leadership Network 2020 Leadership Forum. ...

reStructuring Infrastructure Policy and Strategy

Understand ISO 55000 as key to solving the complex issues involved in improving U.S. infrastructure. We can’tmake the same mistakes again.Dr. Kofi Smith,...

reStructuring America – The Future of Assets

The Future of AssetsA Keynote by Jim Dieter on the meaning of “Asset Leadership”, an overview of events, a presentation on the ALNNational...

reStructuring America Pharma 4.0 Asset Management

The pharmaceutical industry was required to incorporate planned improvements sooner than anticipated. Successesthat can be replicated and issues to avoid can be transferred among...

reStructuring America

2020 Asset Leadership Forum A series of presentations on how to rebuild America. Focus is on ISO 55000. For three weeks leaders in the...