Ep. 13: So What? Understanding Changing Needs in a Changing Workplace | Geoff Snavely

Geoff Snavely is Vice President and General Manager at Millicare Floor & Textile Care where he is a leader with great insight about managing people in our industry. Mike Petrusky and Geoff have been long-time friends and volunteers at the Capital Chapter of IFMA where they share a passion for workplace partnerships. They get together every few months to discuss trends in the marketplace and the facility management community and Geoff is not afraid to ask the difficult questions that challenge the status quo. During this conversation, Geoff and Mike share their admiration for Kay Sargent and her understanding of the fast-changing world in which we live. Geoff challenges us by asking “So what?” and reminds us to make sure we truly understand “the why” in all that we do in the workplace and in our lives. Mike delivers more inspirational lyrics from U2 and shares a favorite quote from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why”.

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